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  • >>No. 542

    Hi, again.
    I couldn't send all of my writing at a time.

    In my garden the flowering time of Japanese narcissus is over and buds of some kind of daffodils are coming out.I weeded my garden a little in a small part today. This is today's work. I won't do anything any more today.

    See you

  • >>No. 541

    Hi, Lulu!
    It is cloudy and cold, and the white raddishes are still outside on the garden table. They need more time to have dried.

    Wow, wow, amazing! wonderfull!!! You make miso? It sounds great! It must be very delicious. I would love to try your miso! I can't do that, instead I bought a home-made miso at a JA store last year, which was the first time for me, and it is mild to my taste. When I was a child, my family made miso, Japanese raddish pickles (takuan), dried white raddishes and so on. The miso was so salty and I don't like it, and I yearned for miso sold at a supermarket. I had tried making Iapanese raddish pickles( takuan )too, but faild. I make dried white raddishes only!! The procedure of making white raddishes is very simple. I just cut and dry them. But making miso seems to be very difficult. You are the best of the better house wives.

    Well, we seem to be,,,, What will you make next? See you soon!

  • >>No. 539

    Hi, Lulu!
    It is sunny today and a little warm. I am in a house now but I think it is wamer outside than in here.

    Yesterday I cut some white radishes into match stick sized pieces and sprinkled on the flat wide basket, and put it outside on the garden table so that they would dry. I am making dried radish. I usually do it early in January, but I seeded them late in November last year which was a little late for them to grow big enough, because it had been very hot last autumn and I couldn't seed them earlier. So the white radishes were still small but I did, in case the flowering stalks come out.

    And there wasn't any ice on the surface of killifish bowl outside this winter, I think it will be because of global warming. The earth will get warmer and warmer, I think. Ah, this summer will be much hotter, Won't it?

    Spring is coming nearer! See you!

  • >>No. 538

    Hi, again!
    I forgot one thing. You don't spoil my time at all! I enjoy any topics and would like to hear anything.
    See you!

  • >>No. 537

    Hi, I just read your message now.

    Thank you very much for explanation for the story of "50 First dates". I was not able to remember clearly about that movie and used the word 'amnesia' ,which was wrong, but the movie I had seen was the same one as your explanation, I think. As I told you I tried to find the movie from the seeing records in the soft ware,but the record was not found. Your explanation have made me remember !!

    "The story is that after a woman got injured on her head in a car accident, she has a trouble with her
    After she sleeps at every night, her memory always goes back to the morning of the day of that accident.
    It means from its day to the present of her memory has been missing.
    A man fell in love with her but she couldn't remember who he was in the every following day.
    So the title is '50 first dates'."

    Thank you very much. See you later.

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  • >>No. 535

    Hi, Lulu!
    It is very cold today, but I had to go to the dentist in the morning, too. This month I have many hospital visits, which is really tiring.

    Is "50 First Dates" a film that Cameron Diaz who plays the leading part, with taking amnesia ? If so, I watched! Some of my seeing records have disappeared, so I am not sure. I saw too many movies for a year to remember! And I saw some of those twice or three times, hiding Japanese subtitles.

    I don't remember whether I saw "Finding Neverland" or not, but I feel as if I might have seen that movie. Was the rough beach shown at the first part of that movie ? My memory is very poor!

    See you!

  • >>No. 532

    Hi, Lulu!
    I think so, too. Old movies show those old gadgets in them. I think, oh, we used those things at that time, and notice just for a minute. I sometimes concentrate my attention on the speech of the actor or the actress in the movie, without seeing the screen, so that I could realize each word of them, like dictation. I think this is a good exercise for ears. But sometimes I don't understand, sometimes I do. English is difficult for me. There is no end.
    And thank you very much for your writing here! I am very happy to read your messages and write mine.

    Oh, you watch various kinds of movies! I usually choose love story or love comedy. I seldom watch such action movies because I feel scared.
    See you! Have a nice time!

  • >>No. 528

    Hi, Lulu. How are you feeling today? I really hope you are having a very happy time.
    Today in the morning I visited my family grave to see my father. It was cold and a little rainy.

    I at last finished watching "Gone With The Wind". It took 7days for me to have done, for some days I didn't have time to do, though. Did you watch another DVD?
    See you.

  • >>No. 526

    Hi, again!
    I know your feelings. I get tired easily, too, and one after another bad tooth has been found, which makes me go to the dentist twice a month. And I have a lot of physical troubles, too.
    Lulu! Be easygoing and take a rest, and do nothing. Please relax.
    I would like to live to the age of 100 without suffering from any diseases. Well, this is a dream in a dream!
    See you.

  • >>No. 526

    Hi, Lulu!
    Yes, I saw that movie, too, but on TV many years later than when it was shown on the theater. It is because busyness and poverty of my parents prevented them from taking me to a theater or they would not be fond of movies, and when I was about ten, I asked my mother to let me go, but she said,"No!", because going with only children would be dangerous. It was not until when I was a high school student that I could go freely. I don't know remember what movie I saw for the first time, though.
    A few days ago I found a movie of 1979, "Ten", starring Julie Andrews of "The Sound of Music". I felt nostalgic, and she would be around 40, I think, and in it she sang, too.

  • >>No. 617

    ついに、バレンタインです! 私にもチョコくださ~い! 私も何年も誰にも上げてないですね~。むか~し、父にあげたら、「誰にもらった?」って。バカバカしいでしょう?私が誰かにもらったものだと思ったらしいです。流行を全く知らない父でした。すべてがそうだったから、父と二人の生活は超疲れました!!
    ペンちゃん、ざんね~ん!!お近くだったら差し上げるのに~~♪♪   って、どこに住んでいらっしゃるのか知らないし~~。

  • >>No. 615

    こんにちは~♪ 寒いですね~。昼間は日当たりは暖かくて、家の中より外が暖かいですね。こう寒いと体も血管もちじこまって、血栓できそうで怖いよ~。ちょっと高血圧持ちです。やっぱり家丸ごと暖房できるといいよね~~。家の真ん中に、大型エアコンつけようか~~なんて考えてます。はい、考えるだけで終わりますけど。

  • >>No. 520

    Part two

    Hi, again! I am very careless and a scatterbrain.
    So the boy has a theatrical company, wow!! And he is going to be a movie director and promising. How wonderful!
    My hope to go to Nagasaki is ,well, mysterious, isn't it? I am not able to tell the reason directly on this board. It is too bad. Maybe someday. But but it is too far away and there are planes and JR express trains and Shinkansen, but I have to change planes or trains to get there, which makes me lose heart. Ah, Kochi is a place inconvenient for traveling. But food like vegetables and fishes are very fresh and delicious. Please visit Kochi!
    See you!

  • >>No. 521

    I made a mistake again:

    I would not like ENGLISH. → I would not like to forget ENGLISH.

  • >>No. 519

    Hi, LUlu! I made a mistake again,, I usually do, well, my brain seems to be degenerating,,,. My cat's name is Lili!! Just misspelled. But all the same she is very lovely! I am sorry to differ from your reminder. But the pronunciation is similar.
    Yes, I do. I do love movies, especially English speaking movies. Me too, I seldom go to theaters. Instead I got a soft ware connected to TV and I can watch movies on TV. So I saw more than 300 movies last year. And now I am watching " Gone With The Wind" again, but it is too long which makes me need many days.
    I would not like ENGLISH.

    Continued on part two,,,,,

  • >>No. 516

    Hi, again!
    Yesterday I invited my friend to home-lunch who is the same one as a few days ago (we went for lunch by car). We enjoyed eating and chattering. And then after her leaving, it began to snow suddenly sprinklingly, and soon the snow got heavy diagonally with strong wind. The air turned white. When I got up this morning, there was still a little snow on the ground in the shade. It is still very cold. In your area do you have much snow?
    I will eat sukiyaki for dinner today, which will warm me.
    See you!

  • >>No. 516

    Hi, Lulu! Good morning!
    Thank you very much for telling me your correct name. I am sorry to call you Ruru. It is a boy's name, isn't it? By the way my cat's name is Lily. I feel like having told you that before. Did I? My memory is very poor.
    Oh, you would like to move back to your hometown, and I would like to go to Nagasaki again. This is a reason but I will tell you in a while maybe. I just envy your hometown. I have nowhere to go other than where I live now.

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  • >>No. 514

    Hi, Ruru. Sometimes I am wondering what I should write your name in English. Ruru or Lulu?
    Yesterday I went to an ophthalmological clinic and as soon as I got into a car after having consulting, my cellphone rang. It was from my friend and asked me to go for lunch. And we went to the west in her car, and we enjoyed eating lunch, chattering.
    And today I went to a dentist, and got home around noon. They are really tiring.
    Oh, you like hipparidako, which is the same ekiben? Its container is made of a ceramic ware or pottery of a shape of a brown takotubo on which is written "ひっぱりだこ飯” and ”明石名産”and "淡路屋”. I am happy to know you like the same. Maybe you laugh at me!! I keep all of the containers I ate and use as a pen stand or something! I can't throw away anything,,,. Rubbish will increase.
    Oh now is the sun shining!! Will spring come nearer?

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