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  • >>No. 565

    Hi, Lulu.
    It is rainy today and very cold. I can't do the work on the farm. But yesterday I weeded and put some firtilizer and manure around the various kinds of orange trees, which made me tired very much.
    Oh, ohagi! My ohagi is very very easy to make. You will laugh at how I am making. I use ready-made bean paste.
    I haven't worn kimonos for a long time. I don't remember when I wore one last. And I have some kimonos I have never worn, as my mother put some into my wardrobe in my absence. I do not have any chance to wear kimono and I can't wear by myself. Do you?
    I make skirts and vests from old kimonos of my mother's. I like those skirts and vest. I would like to make a jacket from them but I don't like to make sleeves and collars. This is kind of my hobby.
    See you. Have a nice weekend.

  • >>No. 561

    Hi, good afternoon!
    The picture below is of my cat on the cherry tree. When I was in the garden yesterday, she climbed up the tree. She likes climbing the tree and going up on the roof of the house, etc. And the cherry trees are like this, no blossoms yet. On TV they say that the first cherry blossom in Kochi Castle Park will be on March 25. Mine is very late every year. I think it will be on April 1 or so. Maybe I will have a garden party under the cherry blossoms with a friend.

    Moving is hard work, with packing everything, arranging something and putting your belongings at each suitable place in the new rooms. Oh, please take good care of yourself.
    See you!

  • >>No. 560

    part 2
    Oh, your husband is wise and very kind to you! Gardening needs too much labor. It is more enjoyable to sit on the chair with a cup of tea than to work with the soil. In my garden small birds come to eat flower nectar of blueberry every season, and after they have left, there are lots of blueberry flowers on the ground. I feel discouraged. I would not like them to steal this year. I need some strategy(laughing).
    Oh, one more I should say, I think roses need more chemicals and fertilizer and manure.

    Yesterday I invited my friend to lunch as I made ohagi the day before that. I cooked one go(合)of mochi-rice for ohagi and made 8 ohagi. You know, that's too many for me(laughing). And also I made chicken boiled with tomatoes, with small amount of spaghetti, and green salad. We enjoyed lunch and chatting together.
    See you.

  • >>No. 559

    Hi, good afternoon, Lulu!
    Oh, no!! Please don't ask me many things. I always fail and some of the plants wither up, though I have grown roses and other plants over 20 years. I am always a biginner. But I think roses need more chemicals
    and fertilizer and manure. The roses I planted last year were Cardinal Hume and climbing Rouge Pierre du
    Ronsard. I do not have confidence to grow and bloom the beautiful roses at all. I would love someone to give me advice.

  • >>No. 555

    Hi, Lulu!
    Wow,wow! What a challenging and exciting desision!! I have never done before. Generally it is said that to buy a house is the most expensive shopping in one's life. There might be complicated process to contract with someone and sign. Uh, uhm, if I were you, I might get sick for that.... I would rath1er live a easy life as I am here, well, well. But it is in your hometown.

    You are going to grow some roses! you like roses, too? Last year I planted two new roses, one is shrub type and the other climbing one, as three Hybrid Tea roses withered up.
    You will have new enjoyment! It sounds great!

  • >>No. 555

    Hi, Lulu! It is cloudy and sometimes rains today, cold!
    I made hariharizuke at last and kumquat boiled in sugar, too. Those four white raddishes came to this amount of hariharizuke. I wonder if I could keep it for a year...
    See you!

  • >>No. 554

    Part two;
    I couldn't send all at a time again.

    But the ume tree in my yard is much smaller now than what it was when I was a child.
    Thank you very much to read my ume tree story. Have a nice day!

  • >>No. 553

    Hi, Lulu, it is a beautiful day today, and looks warm outside.
    Oh, yes Ido. I make umeboshi, too. But there were many years I didn't feel like doing iot, though.
    When I made it for the first time many many years ago, my umeboshi was very salty with 25% salt,and then 20%, then 18%. I think it was limitation of salt.
    A few years ago the tree of ume withered of its half part by worms or something, so I had the bad part of it cut by a gardener and it grew a little bigger. But suddenly one bough fell down by the strong wind at night and its weight with lots of ume fruit in a morning. I was shocked to find it on the ground and picked as many ume as possible, and decided to make umeboshi and put salt and weight. But several days later I found there was green mold without enough ume water. So after ridding bad ume, I put liquor (shouchu) and vinegar into its jar. And then! It turned into karikariume! I can still eat now. It was lucky!
    Umeboshi is useful to us for cooking, too.

  • >>No. 551

    Hi, good morning, Lulu!
    Yes, it is cold today, too. The weather turned wintry! I am in a warm room now.
    Thank you very much for telling me your observation. I think the present owners would be proud of their residence and woul like to sell much dearer. I have never bought a house or an apartment and your idea sounds very fresh and challenging to me. Very exciting!

    The drying white raddishes have almost finished doing. I think they need about 10 days to dry. And I slice them thin and marinade. On TV the people said that the hariharizuke can keep one year in the fridge!! I wonder they would keep such a long time! What do you think?

    Today a man from a car dealer came to take my car for maintenance, so I wonder I would clean up my garage from now....but it is windy, hum, hum.

    Have a nice day! See you!

  • >>No. 619

    そういえば、この冬は外に置いているメダカの鉢に一度も氷が張らなかった~~~。周りに寒さ対策の覆いはしているけど。氷が張らなかったのは初めてかも。メダカ、凍死しなかったのは嬉しいけど、、やっぱり地球温暖化のせい?暖冬だったってこと? 2月10日の夕方突然すっごい雪降ったけど、その時だけだった。

  • >>No. 549

    Hi, again.
    I hung two pairs of white radishes on the line between the two trees to dry and they have been there for a few days. I am going to make hariharizuke with them. I just watched the topic on TV, so I would like to make it.
    See you and enjoy your journey to your hometown!!

  • >>No. 548

    Hi, Lulu!
    I am glad to hear that your hope is going forward!I hope very much the flat will fit in your ideal or be favorable to your convenience. You will eat Ise udon this evening or maybe tomorrow? I have never been to Aichi pref. and Mie pref. What will the flat be like? I am curious,,,.

    To the contrary my plan of traveling is not clear, as someone who seems to accompany me, is living in Tokyo and has a job there for the time being.

    Macaroons, in fact it was like Japanese monaka, which was different from my imagination. Before eating them, I thought I might cook by myself and looked for the recipe on the net and found it was difficult for me with complicated procedure, so I gave up. Toy macaroon maker would be very fine.

    I love marshmallows! You don't. Most people don't like them, and it is difficult for me to find them at a store or a shop. Sometimes they put them at the end of the shelf so that nobody could find them easily.

    Anyway see you later here!

  • >>No. 545

    Hi, again.
    Other daffodils are preparing for flowering. Ah, spring, spring,,,, ♪

  • >>No. 544

    Hi, Lulu.
    It is the first of March today !! I feel that spring has come! This picture below is mini daffodils which bloomed first.

    I attended the annual general meeting of the association which I belong to. This is kind of my job. After meeting they were going to hold a party (konsinkai) which they prepared dishes for, but I got exhausted from keeping seated for two hours, listening to the speakers concentratedly, so I got home without having
    delicious dishes which I saw when I was going downthe stairs. The picture of that stil stick in my mind. (lol)

    German cakes! I have never had them before. they looks yummy!

    I ate macaroons for the first time two years ago which my friend living in Tokyo sent to me. You maybe laugh at me. When I went to Paris I didn't know about that. Paris is the birthplace of macaroons! I was in my twenties. And I ate them for the first time just two years ago!!

    See you!

  • >>No. 542

    Hi, again.
    I couldn't send all of my writing at a time.

    In my garden the flowering time of Japanese narcissus is over and buds of some kind of daffodils are coming out.I weeded my garden a little in a small part today. This is today's work. I won't do anything any more today.

    See you

  • >>No. 541

    Hi, Lulu!
    It is cloudy and cold, and the white raddishes are still outside on the garden table. They need more time to have dried.

    Wow, wow, amazing! wonderfull!!! You make miso? It sounds great! It must be very delicious. I would love to try your miso! I can't do that, instead I bought a home-made miso at a JA store last year, which was the first time for me, and it is mild to my taste. When I was a child, my family made miso, Japanese raddish pickles (takuan), dried white raddishes and so on. The miso was so salty and I don't like it, and I yearned for miso sold at a supermarket. I had tried making Iapanese raddish pickles( takuan )too, but faild. I make dried white raddishes only!! The procedure of making white raddishes is very simple. I just cut and dry them. But making miso seems to be very difficult. You are the best of the better house wives.

    Well, we seem to be,,,, What will you make next? See you soon!

  • >>No. 539

    Hi, Lulu!
    It is sunny today and a little warm. I am in a house now but I think it is wamer outside than in here.

    Yesterday I cut some white radishes into match stick sized pieces and sprinkled on the flat wide basket, and put it outside on the garden table so that they would dry. I am making dried radish. I usually do it early in January, but I seeded them late in November last year which was a little late for them to grow big enough, because it had been very hot last autumn and I couldn't seed them earlier. So the white radishes were still small but I did, in case the flowering stalks come out.

    And there wasn't any ice on the surface of killifish bowl outside this winter, I think it will be because of global warming. The earth will get warmer and warmer, I think. Ah, this summer will be much hotter, Won't it?

    Spring is coming nearer! See you!

  • >>No. 538

    Hi, again!
    I forgot one thing. You don't spoil my time at all! I enjoy any topics and would like to hear anything.
    See you!

  • >>No. 537

    Hi, I just read your message now.

    Thank you very much for explanation for the story of "50 First dates". I was not able to remember clearly about that movie and used the word 'amnesia' ,which was wrong, but the movie I had seen was the same one as your explanation, I think. As I told you I tried to find the movie from the seeing records in the soft ware,but the record was not found. Your explanation have made me remember !!

    "The story is that after a woman got injured on her head in a car accident, she has a trouble with her
    After she sleeps at every night, her memory always goes back to the morning of the day of that accident.
    It means from its day to the present of her memory has been missing.
    A man fell in love with her but she couldn't remember who he was in the every following day.
    So the title is '50 first dates'."

    Thank you very much. See you later.

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